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The Lark


A publication of the LLC Communications and Marketing Committee, The Lark highlights information about the events, activities, interests, and personalities of LLC. Its name represents the group's credo: Learning And Respect for Knowledge.

Diana Grady, Editor

Volume 3

Volume 2

Volume 1

Memoirs, Poetry & Micro-biographies


Micro-biographies or “memoirettes” featuring LLC members like Elsa Grieder. Elsa and her husband Jerry have been active members for over two decades; they are well-known and well-loved. (Vol 3, Issue 10, Oct 2023)


Events of Interest


Highlights of the Second Annual Pokanoket Heritage Day tells the story of the Pokanoket tribe and this vibrant and moving celebration (Vol 2, Issue 7, Aug 2022 Special Edition).


Local Treasures

The Hornbine School Museum in Rehoboth, MA (Vol 1, Issue 8, Jan 2022)
Photo taken by David Downs

Local Exhibits

RISD Museum
From Then to Now: how artists share themes of slavery, racism, diversity, equality and inclusion (Vol 3, Issue 4, July 2023)

Who We Are

One goal of The Lark is to feature articles about the people who make LLC such a successful organization, like Joan Hausrath, Diversity Committee Member, pictured in South Africa (Vol 1, Issue 9, Feb 2022).