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Disclaimer of Liability for Off-Site Courses & Activities

To participate in this activity, registrants must sign a waiver releasing LLC and/or its members from any liability. Your registration is not finalized until we receive the signed waiver.

Since Lifelong Learning Collaborative does not maintain insurance for off-site courses or activities, all participants must sign a waiver acknowledging that Lifelong Learning Collaborative and its members will not be responsible for loss, injury or other damage that may occur.

Read the statement and complete the form below.


Fill out the form below in its entirety if you have read and agree to the following statement:*

I am aware that neither Lifelong Learning Collaborative nor its members have insurance that would apply to this activity. I acknowledge that neither Lifelong Learning Collaborative nor its members will be responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may occur on the property and/or grounds and waive any such claims against Lifelong Learning Collaborative or its members.

*Your initials serve as your legally binding electronic signature. By initialing the form, you acknowledge that you have read and fully understand the Disclaimer of Liability. This agreement shall be binding on you, your spouse, your children, legal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns.