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Resources for Coordinators

Guidelines for Coordinators

Click here to read the guidelines for Coordinators (PDF).

The resources available on this page explain LLC’s collaborative and active approach to lifelong learning and offer step-by-step support to design and/or coordinate classes.

Zoom Help for Coordinators

Working with a Book in an LLC Class

Sample Syllabuses

Below are two examples of a course syllabus.

SANTA FE AND THE PEOPLE WHO WENT THERE: In this course we will study the vibrant and beautiful city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, through the eyes of those who lived there during its long history. Click here to see the full syllabus.

THE INDIAN OCEAN – THE OCEAN OF THE 21ST CENTURY: A STUDY OF THE COUNTRIES ON THE OCEAN RIM: The purpose of this course is to study the Indian Ocean and its surrounding countries, most certainly an important geopolitical focus of the 21st century for China, India and the United States. Click here to see the full syllabus.

Submit a Course Proposal

Course ideas are always welcome! Please let us know your idea by emailing us.

If you indicate that you’re willing to be a coordinator, a member of the Curriculum Committee will be in touch to offer help in developing your idea into a collaborative class, partnering with you as needed at every stage in the process of planning the course and finalizing the details needed for the LLC catalog of classes.

(For more information about turning ideas into courses and what details are needed, see pages 3-5 of LLC’s Guidelines.)

“LLC offers unparalleled training in course design, syllabus preparation, and unique collaborative learning methods, as well as technical support. As a retired professor with thirty + years of teaching experience, I wish I had been so lucky as to have been offered the kind of course preparation workshops that LLC provides throughout the year. This is not only a great support system for coordinators, but it ensures that the quality of the course experience for LLC’s members remains consistently high.”

– Donna Kerner, Providence