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Zoom Help for Coordinators


Zoom Pro Account: To conduct a two-hour class via Zoom, you must sign-up for a ‘Pro’ Zoom account.  LLC will reimburse you for the cost of the account for the months of the class. Click here for instructions for signup and reimbursement.

Zoom Module 1 Covers: [Click here for Module 1 Zoom Training LLC]

  • Zoom Account Setup
    • Waiting Room - Using and not using
    • Passcode
    • Audio Type
    • Sound on Entry
    • Chat
    • Co-host
    • Screen Sharing
    • Meeting Reactions
    • Participants Rename themselves
    • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Create an invitation and email it to participants
  • Start a Meeting

 Zoom Module 2 Covers: [Click here for Module 2 Zoom Training LLC]

  • ​​Pre-Meeting
    • Ensure you have latest Zoom Version
    • Audio check
  • Control Bar icons
  • Managing participants
    • Admitting participants
    • Co-Hosts
    • Renaming
  • Chat
  • Viewing Options
  • Ending a meeting

Zoom Module 3 Covers: [Click here for Module 3 Zoom Training LLC]

  • Zoom Settings for Screen Share
  • Screen Share, one item
  • Screen Share, multiple items during one share session
  • View Options
  • Important Options and Trouble-Shooting