Volunteers Needed

Lifelong Learning Collaborative (LLC, formerly BCLIR) is able to keep its courses and activities affordable because it is run by volunteers. All Board and committee members volunteer their time. There is only one paid consultant who is in charge of the website, catalog design and layout and various administrative duties. Members are encouraged to share their talents and expertise with the organization on a regular basis.

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Committee Descriptions

Governance Committee
Responsible for the nomination of officers and members-at-large of the Board of Directors, conducting elections, and By-laws revisions. The committee shall develop procedures for the conduct of elections, subject to the approval by the Board of Directors.

Membership Committee
Responsible for planning and implementing membership campaigns, orientation of new members, retention of existing members and maintenance of membership records.

Finance and Administration Committee
Responsible for preparing an annual budget and overseeing the financial logistics of the organization.

Communication and Marketing Committee
Responsible for recommending and executing a marketing strategy to meet the objectives of the Board of Directors. The committee shall also be responsible for internal communications to the full membership and promotion of LLC to the general public.

Community Committee
Responsible for cultural events and other social interactions, including new initiatives which are not curriculum-based but which will serve the purposes of the organization and its membership

Planning and Development Committee
Responsible for updating the organization's long-range strategic plan. The committee shall also be responsible for the development and implementation of long-range planning for financial advancement of the organization.

Ad Hoc Committees
From time to time a temporary committee may be established by the President or Board to accomplish a specific, timely goal for the organization.