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Collaborative Learning

At LLC we all learn from each other, selecting from a wide variety of courses in history, literature, the arts, current affairs, sciences and more – all designed and led by the participants.

All participants in our collaborative learning classes have the opportunity to:

  • SHARE their perspectives, expertise, background and life experience
  • ENGAGE actively with the subject and their classmates
  • EXPAND their knowledge about the world, the community, and themselves
  • ENJOY social opportunities with people of similar interests

How does Collaborative Learning work?

Each course has one or two coordinators: members who have developed the course topic, selected readings or other materials and prepared a syllabus.

What’s expected of class members?

Open discussion is one of the most popular parts of Collaborative Learning at LLC. Ideas, opinions and questions are encouraged; the conversations are often lively and always respectful.

In many courses, participants select a topic from a list provided by the coordinator and agree to a date when they will lead a one-hour session as part of the two-hour class period.

Many members find that that researching and leading a class hour are good ways to build confidence and develop skills.

Come learn with us! Join LLC.

"I like most of all that it gave me a purpose and a focus, having moved here with no friends, no family. What I love about LLC is that it really does indulge my lifelong learning interests and creativity. And I love the social aspect of it. This is my fourth time with the Cell Phone Camera Club. I’ve also done four times now with the Memoir Writing Club which is absolutely wonderful.”

Susan Baugh, Providence

Cellphone Class 2

Participants in LLC's Cellphone Camera Club (left) react to the creative special effects applied to photos taken and manipulated by their classmates.

Great Decisions Zoom

Lively discussion of world affairs takes place in every session of the Great Decisions course (right), a popular fixture in the LLC Winter catalog for more than ten years, now given on Zoom.