Providing Lifelong Learning for over 30 years

Lifelong Learning Collaborative (LLC, formerly BCLIR) was established in 1984 as the Brown Community of Learning in Retirement, and has been an active educational model for lifelong learning for over three decades.  In May of 2008, we became an independent non-profit organization, an umbrella for continuing lifelong learning education in the Providence area. Most of our classes meet at Temple Beth-El.

*Please note an important change to our registration policy:  You can register by postal mail using the printable registration form (above), but please note that registrations received by postal mail will not be processed until 2 PM on the day registration opens, as administrative time permits. Therefore, spaces are not guaranteed if your class selection fills up prior to 2 PM.  We strongly encourage you to register online and early.

Cover artwork, “Colt State Park” (acrylic on canvas), painted by Susan Van Horne. A member of LLC since 2017, Susan has participated in several art courses including Plein Air, Open Studio Art, and Painting with the Masters. Price available upon request.

Click to view/print the Spring 2021 catalog (PDF).

Registration opens Monday, January 25 @ 9 AM.

Our spring courses will be conducted exclusively via Zoom due to Covid-19. You will note that we have reduced course fees to reflect our lower operating costs using Zoom. Using Zoom is easy and free to class members. A Zoom Task Force has been created to help navigate the new distance learning environment. If you need help or have Zoom questions, please contact the Zoom Task Force at

Direct course links are below (click course title). Registration will open at Monday, January 25 @ 9 AM.

Open Studio Art (Mon AM)
Science Now (Mon AM)
Documentary Films (Mon PM)

Six Innovations that Made the Modern World (Tues AM)
When American Democracy Works and When It Doesn't (Tues AM)
Another Time, Another Place (Tues AM)
Painting with the Masters (Tues PM)
Israel: A Nation Reborn (Tues PM)
Photo Storytelling (Tues PM)
Peeling the Tangerine (Tues PM)

Global Health (Wed AM)
Abstract Thinking (Wed AM)
H.P. Lovecraft (Wed AM)
Weimar Germany (Wed PM)
How Jews Changed the World (Wed PM)
LLC Knits (Wed PM)
Hal Prince (Wed PM)
Hot Topics (Wed PM)
Fiction Critique Group (Wed PM)

Racism in America II (Thurs AM)
The Art of the Sonnet (Thurs AM)
The Modern World (Thurs AM)
Short Stories of Flannery O’Connor (Thurs AM)
The Costs of War (Thurs PM)
On Writing a Memoir (Thurs PM)
Beyond the Snapshot (Thurs PM)
August Wilson's 20th C. Plays (Thurs PM)
Ancient Ireland (Thurs PM)

Get Fit at Home (Fri AM)
Mongols, Khans, Mughals (Fri PM)