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Here's what members are saying about why they enjoy LLC:

"I like most of all that it gave me a purpose and a focus, having moved here with no friends, no family. What I love about LLC is that it really does indulge my lifelong learning interests and creativity. And I love the social aspect of it. This is my fourth time with the Cell Phone Camera Club. I’ve also done four times now with the Memoir Writing Club which is absolutely wonderful.” – Susan Baugh, Providence

“LLC made our transition when we moved to Providence from NY so much easier – gave us things to do and was a way of meeting others.... I enjoy the friendships, the expansion of my horizons and exposure to things I might not otherwise have participated in.” – Bobbie Cohen, Providence

“As recent transplants, it’s been a great way to meet people in Rhode Island. My wife and I started out doing the Theater Conversations course together. We’ve probably been in six sessions of that; it’s a great class, we love it and we’ve become friends with a number of people in the class. The Cell Phone Photography Club is my favorite; we have a great time here. My wife does all the art classes, everything she can get into. She loves the camaraderie and the help she gets from other people in improving her art. She likes the criticism, she likes the sharing – it’s really great.” – Eric Cohen, Providence

“I started when it was at Brown University, then we came here and it has been a terrific venue for me to learn, to meet people. The quality and level of the courses are really phenomenal.” – Liliana Fijman, Pawtucket

“I joined for the company during the pandemic and stayed for the people and the awesome format of having the participants create the class. I am younger than everyone but I am always made to feel welcome and feel treated like my contributions are valuable.” – Sam Grabelle, Warwick

“LLC is a group of bright and interesting people who come together to teach each other; all the courses are based on collaboration. I joined after retiring – I needed to feel a purpose in my days and encouragement to keep learning. I love the collaboration and the people I meet.” – Chuck Nickles, North Kingstown

“I really like the way this is done, how it’s taught, how it’s learned. I’m astounded at how much I’ve learned in the Cell Phone Camera Club. For me, it’s also been social, getting to know people.” – Elizabeth Siftar, Foxboro, MA

"LLC is greatly inexpensive and has a wonderful variety of courses. I enjoy being exposed to and stimulated by subjects about which I previously only had limited knowledge.” – Susan Van Horne, Swansea, MA

“As a retiree, I was looking for some new intellectual stimulation... LLC has a nice diversity of course offerings.” – Will Van Horne, Swansea, MA

“LLC has become my ‘community’ where I have friends from across the state… a variety of courses to choose from at a very reasonable price.” – Kathy Webster, Smithfield

“I really enjoy the courses and, of course, the people!” – Ancelin Wolfe, Medway, MA

"LLC opens doors. My life has been so enriched by LLC." – Sally Zierler, Providence