Class 1 Session A Silk Road Overview and Arrival of the Chinese

Class 1 Session B Basics

Class 2 Session A Xuanzang’s Journey – From Chang’An to Jade Gate

Class 2 Session B Jade Gate to Samarkand

Class 3 Session A Samarkand, Iron Gate, Balkh, and Bamiyan

Class 3 Session B. Greco-Buddhist Art

Class 4 Session A The Journey Home

Class 4 Session B Xuanzang’s Legacy

Class 5 Session A Introduction to Aurel Stein: His Overall Career

Class 5 Session B Hindu Kush and Pamirs to Kashgar May 1906

Class 6 Session A Khotan

Class 6 Session B Niya Oct-Dec, 1906

Class 7 Session A Lop Nur December 1906

Class 7 Session B Loulan and The Tarim Basin Mummies

Class 8 Session A Miran February 1907

Class 8 Session B Dunhuang March to May, 1907

Class 9 Session A The Mogao Caves

Class 9 Session B The Diamond Sutra

Class 10 Session A Death by Thirst -- or by Ice Mid-1908

Class 10 Session B. Stein’s Historical Legacy

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