Class 1 Session A  Silk Road Overview and Arrival of the Chinese

Silk Road Overview and Arrival of the Chinese

Core Readings:

Silk Road Timeline  a 2-page list of important events

“The Silk Roads in History,” by Daniel C. Waugh  14 pages include extensive illustrations.

Zhang Qian – Wikipedia.

Map: Eurasian Steppes

Map: Main Silk or Spice Routes between 500 BCE and 500 CE

Recommended but not Required:

YouTube: “The Silk Road” – with Colin Thubron  45 minutesSee:     

This video is a terrific introduction to the landscapes travelled by Xuanzang and Stein, as well as to the ethnic groups they encountered.  

For Further Reading:

"Han Emperor Wu-ti's Interest in Central Asia and Chang Chien's (Zhang Qian)  - Expeditions Magazine    3 pages, including illustrations

The War of Heavenly Horses - Wikipedia

Open Source Civilization and the Unexpected Origins of the Silk Road

In this video, archeologist Michael Frachetti reports on his many years of research and excavation in the majestic Altai Mountains, home of nomads since prehistory. His central finding:   75 percent of the hundreds of mountain and desert trails that became known as the Silk Road were originally travelled by sheep-herders migrating from summer grazing areas in the highlands to winter havens in the lowlands. A sound-only version of this can be heard at: