Stein’s Expeditions

Marc Aurel Stein’s expeditions

Born in 1862, Stein was 38 when he began his series of rugged expeditions. He died in Kabul in 1943 at the age of 80 — trying to organize another expedition.

1900-01 First expedition to Northwest China

1904-10 Visits sites in British India’s Northwest Frontier and Baluchistan (now in Pakistan)

1906-08 Second expedition to Northwest China

1910-17 Visits more sites in India’s Northwest Frontier 

1913-16 Third expedition to Northwest China

1924-25 Visits the Middle East

1926-28 Visits sites in Swat and Baluchistan

1928 Second visit to the Middle East 

1930 Visits China

1930-31 Fourth expedition to Northwest China

1931 Visits sites in the Punjab 1932 First expedition to Iran

1932-33 Second expedition to Iran

1933-34 Third expedition to Iran

1935-36 Fourth expedition to Iran

1938 Makes aerial survey of sites in northern Iraq

1939 Makes aerial survey of sites in Trans-Jordan

1940-41 Visits sites in Rajasthan

1941-42 Visits sites in Indus Kohistan

1942-43 Visits sites in Bahawalpur, Chilas and Las Bela

1943 Arrives in Afghanistan; later dies in Kabul