Class 9 Session A  The Mogao Caves

Core Readings:

Ruins of Desert Cathay, Vol II, Chapter LII, To The Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, pp. 20 to 31  Stein’s own account of his first visit to the Mogao Caves.

Mogao Photos -  Getty Images

Recommended but not Required:

YouTube: The Silk Road I - 3 of 12 - The Art Gallery in the Desert. 47-minute video. This   episode of the Japanese Silk Road series visits the Dun-Huang Mogao Caves of the ThousandBuddhas, their art treasures and Library Cave.

For Further Reading:

Journeys on the Silk Road, Morgan & Walters, Chapter 8, Keys to the Cave,  pp.  117 to 128.

Mogao Caves – Wikipedia

Video: On the Silk Road: Exploring Mogao Grottoes in China's Dunhuang