Class 10 Session B. Stein’s Historical Legacy.     May 16

Core Readings:

Sir Aurel Stein’s Fourth ‘American’ Expedition. by Shareen Brysac   6 pages

This essay discusses China’s view of Stein — as one more imperialist among many who exploited China’s weakness from the 18th century to the 20th century, making off with treasures of Chinese history and culture as well as robbing its national wealth.  During his shortlived 4th expedition there, Stein was forbidden from removing any further artifacts from China and forced to leave China prematurely.

Recommended but not Required:

The following portions of Journeys show in some detail the reasons for China’s point of view.

         Journeys on the Silk Road, Chapter 6, City of Sandspp. 83 to 98

         Journeys on the Silk Road, Chapter 15, Treasure Hunters, pp. 219-228