Class 10 Session A  Death by Thirst -- or by Ice  Mid-1908.       May 16

Core Readings:

Journeys on the Silk Road, Chapter 10, The Thieves Road, pages 147-161 Describes Stein’s dangerous trek across the Taklamakan desert from Kuchar to Khotan, enduring extreme heat and running desperately low on water.

Journeys on the Silk Road, Chapter 12, Frozen, pages  173 to 185    Stein spent three months in the final journey from Khotan back to Srinigar — most of the time at altitudes above 15,000 ft. —  crossing the Kunlun Mountains, the Himalayas and the Karakoram Pass, enduring frostbite and the loss of several toes en route.      

Recommended but not Required:

Journeys on the Silk Road, Morgan & Walters, Chapter 11, Affliction in the Orchard, pages 163 to 172.  This chapter describes an uneventful visit to Khotan devoted to recuperating from the crossing of the desert and preparing for the trip home to India across the Kunlun Mountains.