👋 Resources on the Art of Conducting


Boult, Adrian, with Bernard Shore & Vernon Hadley. 

     Boult on Music: Words from a Lifetime's Communication 

     (Musicians on Music No. 1). Toccata Press, 1983.

Watkins, John.  The Art of The Conductor.  iUniverse Books.

     Lincoln, NE.  2007

OnLine Articles

Grammophone magazine, "The 50 greatest conductors of all time.” 

         6th March 2017. (With video clips).

League of American Orchestras, "Traits and Skills of a Music Director.”  

           (The purpose of this paper . . . .  is to clarify the roles of conductor and music director 

            in American orchestras. It seeks to answer: what does a music director do? 

             and what type of person would make an effective music director?)

Plotkin, Fred. “What Makes for a Winning Conductor?” 

       (On conductor James Levine)  The Operavore.

Wakin, Daniel J.   "The Maestro's Mojo – Breaking Conductors' Down by Gesture and Body Part”.  

        The New York Times (6 April 2012).

Wikipedia,  Conducting


BBC Documentary. "The Art of Conducting - Great Conductors of the Past"

Butorac , Darko. “The Language of Conducting"  (TED Talk, UMontana)

Gilbert, Alan, (Music Director, New York Philharmonic). 

          "Connecting Music and Gesture.” NYTimes Video.

(To see an ample compilation of archival footage of famous 20th century conductors’ conducting, try this video. Note, however, that in this video, the conductors and the pieces are not identified; the interviews that are in foreing languages are not translated.   "The Art of Conducting - Legendary Conductors of a Golden Era.” )

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