🎶  Welcome to LLC’s “Concerts & Conversations" - Spring 2019


LLC is pleased to offer this exciting collaboration with 

The RI Rhilharmonic Music School and The RI Chamber Music Concerts

Join us for an exciting spring concert season with the RI Philharmonic Orchestra. We will hear perennial favorites like Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, Rossini’s William Tell Overture, and Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, as well as wonderful but less-frequently performed pieces by the great masters, like Dvorak’s Symphony #5 and Shostakovich’s Symphony #9, which the composer called “a joyful little piece.” We will preview pieces on the March, April and May programs of the RI Philharmonic, and we will gain an insider’s view of the Phil’s programing when members of the RI Phil or its Music School faculty visit our class. As a bonus, we will sample a few musical treats from the RI Chamber Music Concerts, such as a saxophone adaptation of a Mozart Serenade and a world-class performance of a Brahms piano quartet. Whatever your starting point—from first time listener to concert connoisseur—this class offers you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, ask your questions and share your insights into classical concert music, in a non-threatening, friendly setting. A downloadable schedule of performances can be found here. 

Class size limit: 30

Location: The Music School, 667 Waterman Avenue, East Providence.

Course calendar: 10 weeks: This class starts on Monday morning March 4 from 10 AM - 12 PM and continues to meet each Monday morning through to Monday morning May 5.

ExpensesClass fee: $60

      •  Concert ticket prices: Discounts for class members are available based on ticket choices, as explained here.

Format: Coordinators and class members work together to develop collaborative classes by listening to music together, attending the concerts being studied, and discussing concert performances. Presentations are encouraged; active participation in the class’s conversations about music is expected. Attendance at RI Philharmonic concerts is expected and encouraged at the RI Chamber Concerts.    

Study Resources: YouTube video performances, the class website, talks by area conductors and music scholars, 

suggested readings, and on-line concert program guides.


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