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Class Notes for Monday March 5, 2018

     Today we began the Concerts and Conversations class.  I want to again welcome all who came today and thank Penney for helping us get to know each other using a fun music quiz. I also want to thank Sam Shamoon for the research he did on Beethoven, and his clear and informative power point presentation. 

     Linda gave us a wonderful acquaintance with Beethoven’s 7th symphony.  It was so helpful for her to locate the themes and motifs.  We learned about Beethoven’s incredible tempi, and his sudden, strong emphases (sforzando) .  We can pay attention to the conductor’s (Victor Yampolsky) interpretation of Beethoven’s incredibly fast first movement, and the fast, but a little slower, second movement.  We can watch how the conductor shepherds the energy of the orchestra through this joyous and fast symphony.

      We hope to see everyone next Monday (preview part two).  We will preview Bernstein’s Age of Anxiety and learn about Bernstein’s contributions.  We will have short previews of the Barber piece as well as the Cuarteto Latinoamericano program at the Chamber Music series.  See you all Monday!

Penny Backman


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