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The names of some documents are preceded by this:  PDF.  That means that the course coordinator will send you a pdf file containing the document.  Feel free to ask.


The section of the site show as Articles in the Site Index contains a variety of documents linked to the pages on different classes. 

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The Maps page contains links to a variety of maps shown on external websites.  More Maps links to pages on this site with maps.

Reference Material

This section of the Site Index contains information about, or links to, many other sources on the Silk Roads, including videos.

Other Sources

This page contains a bibliography of books and websites relating to Central Asia, China and the travels of Xuanzang and Stein.


Clicking on any text highlight in blue is meant to take you either to a document elsewhere on the web, or to another page within this site.  

If you click on a link to an outside site and it does not work, you can just copy and paste the link to a Google Search page.  Please forgive the inconvenience if that happens.