Ticket to the Opera:                                    Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Welcome to Ticket to the Opera—Zoom version!

We hope that in this class all of us—opera connoisseurs, amateurs and newbies alike—will savor some great music, learn about this art form, share perceptions and opinions, and enjoy each other’s company.

Our theme this year is Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places and our four operas, available through Metropolitan Opera on Demand, are:

       Mozart’s Don Giovanni

       Donizetti’s Don Pasquale 

       Verdi’s Don Carlo

       Cilea’s Adriana Lecouvreur

Format of class: In general, we will spend two weeks on each opera.  First, we’ll preview the story line/libretto, composer and performers and delve into highlights of the music. Before the next class, we’ll watch the designated Met Opera performance on our own (rentals from Met on Demand cost approximately $4.95 each and are available from the Metropolitan Opera Website for 48 hours) or you can subscribe to Met On Demand for $14.95  per month (1st week free) to watch as many operas as you like.

Discussions: At the next class we will share our thoughts about the Visual Aspects of the production (set, scenery, costumes, interpretation) and the Performance Aspects (music, acting, singing, individual performances).  We aim for and anticipate lively discussions.

Presentations: Short presentations are also encouraged and are meant to be an interesting learning experience, shared with interested learners.  Choose something you want to know more about:  opera story/libretto, composer biography, performers, leading a discussion.  You don’t have to be an expert:  ALL contributions are welcome and valued. We always need a summary of the story line and a short bio of the composer and star performers. But this semester we urge you to lead the class in a discussion. There are SO many great things to talk about!

For access to the operas online, check out the Met Opera website (metopera.org), click on Met on Demand, scroll down and find the title you are looking for. Uness you are interested in enrolling in Met On Demand, resist their encouragement. When you find the opera you are interested in, there will be an opportunity to rent that one opera. If you have any problems send us an email

For details about the weekly class meetings, check the Syllabus page


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