Course Description

This poem is dangerous: It should not be left
Within the reach of children, or even adults
Who might swallow it whole, with possibly
Undesirable side-effects. If you come across
An unattended, unidentified poem
In a public place, do not attempt to tackle it
Yourself. . . .   Even the simplest poem
May destroy your immunity to human emotions.
All poems must carry a Government warning. Words
Can seriously affect your heart.

           From: “This Poem . . . ” 

by Elma Mitchell   

In this class, we will take the risk. We will listen to poems read aloud, delve into a poem’s language, tone, imagery, symbolism, allusion, metaphors, etc., and reflect upon how a poem has aroused our emotions, memories, sensitivities, and understandings. Our goal: To fall in love with poetry and risk being changed by it.   

TextStaying Human. New Poems for Staying Alive, ed. Neil Astley. Dec. 1, 2020.     

Format: Discussion. Each meeting, two or three class members will lead discussions about poems they have selected from the selected anthology; they may also provide background on the poem &/or poet. The coordinators will provide question sets and guides on various to ways to read poems and on various poetic techniques.        

Course Calendars (downloadable): 

Coordinators: Linda Shamoon, Chris Rose, Karen Stein. More info here.  

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