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LLC Special Presentation

Monday, December 7, 2020
3:15-4:15 PM
Zoom Webinar

Frederick Kaufman, author of The Money Plot: A History of Currency's Power to Enchant, Control, and Manipulate

Frequent media commentator, including MSNBC, Bloomberg,and CNN; Appearances on Bloomberg, Fox Business Network, and Democracy Now!, and invitations to lecture in both the United States and Europe, including an address to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The Federal Reserve recently announced plans to inject $2 trillion into the economy amid the pandemic, money that seems to be appearing from nowhere. In his scintillating, controversial history  Frederick Kaufman, a journalist and Professor, delves into the past 65,000 years to demystify the concept of money, and see through the fog of modern finance to understand how the Federal Reserve creates those promised trillions – and the twisted path that led here.

A frequent media commentator, including MSNBC, Bloomberg,and CNN, Frederick Kaufman who also addressed the United Nations General Assembly, will discuss his new book, The Money Plot. Kaufman reminds us that whether its form is polished shells, bills or Bitcoin, every currency, even Federally mandated trillions, is all a fiction. Currency is simply a fairy tale, a metaphor that humans have believed in and worshipped more than anything else on Earth. Today, where most money exists in a complex yet poorly understood web of computer screen abstraction – but one that’s capable of causing a global meltdown (or two) – this metaphor is wearing thin.

Kaufman delightfully dives right into the politically incorrect and the absurd, examining the concept of the trophy wife and the broader, unfortunate history of women being used as bartering tools. He sees parallels between the history of Jesus and his followers and that of currency, concluding that people believe in both using the same structural elements of belief. Kaufman points out that during the Black Death, the biggest lender of the time was the Catholic Church, who intertwined money with God, encouraging worshippers to donate to the clergy to become closer to God.

Frederick Kaufman, an English professor by training and profession, has for the past decade focused his attention on the fiction that is money. Besides his many television appearances, his unorthodox insights into the ways of Wall Street have resulted in numerous magazine articles for publications ranging from Scientific American to Wired to Foreign Policy to Harper's. This is his fourth book. (You may want to read his book before his presentation.)

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