🎶  Welcome to LLC’s “Concerts & Conversations" - Spring 2018


LLC is pleased to offer this exciting collaboration with 

The RI Rhilharmonic Music School and The RI Chamber Music Concerts

Are you new to classical concert music, a seasoned concertgoer, or a fall semester repeater? Whatever your starting point, this class offers you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of concert music from the classical to the postmodern. As a special feature of this concert season, a different conductor will lead each concert of the RI Philharmonic Orchestra; one of these talented individuals may be selected as the Phil’s new music director and lead conductor. This spring we will continue to learn about these exciting conductors and about the intriguing art of conducting as we preview the music and performers in the March, April and May concerts of RI Philharmonic as well as the March of the RI Chamber Music Concerts. After attending each of these concerts, we will share our responses and reactions in lively conversation with each other. We may also share our responses with members of the RI Phil or its Music School faculty when they visit our class for presentations.  The schedule of performances can be found here

Class size limit: 30

Location: The Music School, 667 Waterman Avenue, East Providence.

9 weeks, Monday mornings: 10 AM-12 PM, March 5th to May 7th; no class April 16th. 

ExpensesClass fee: $60

•  Concert ticket prices: Discounts for class members are available based on ticket choices, as explained here.


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