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Lifelong Learning Collaborative
(LLC, formerly BCLIR)
is an independent, not-for-profit, peer-run organization in Rhode Island.  Our mission is to provide a diverse population of mature adults with varied opportunities for lifelong learning - seminars, lectures, cultural events and social activities - in a pleasant, accessible environment at a reasonable cost.

Who are LLC members?  Active, intellectually curious adults from many career paths.  A flexible schedule and a love of learning are the only prerequisites.  Members plan and participate in peer-led classes and a variety of activities that offer academic challenges.

Where do we meet?  Daytime classes meet once a week usually for ten weeks for two hours, in a variety of locations:  The RISD Museum, Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School, Rochambeau Library and Temple Beth-El.

What are the course offerings?  Courses include a wide-range of topics and interests: art, music, literature, history, science, current events, economics. Peer coordinators develop the syllabus and facilitate class sessions. Our model is collaborative learning.

The LLC community.  Class participation fosters a sense of community, with discussion often continuing over lunch or coffee.  There are opportunities for members to attend cultural events, museums, theatre, concerts, lectures.  And there are two social events during the year, at the end of each semester.

Links to our partners:

The Providence Village of Rhode Island

The Providence Anthenaeum


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